First Class – Jack Harlow

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Categoria: Hip-Hop

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First Class – Jack Harlow

I can see the whole city from this balcony
Back in 2019, I was outside freely
But now they got it out for me
I don't care what frat that you was in
You can't alpha me, keep dreamin'
Pineapple juice, I give her sweet, sweet, sweet (semen)
I know what they like, so I just keep cheesin'
Hard drive full of heat seekin'
Tryna come the same day as Jack? Rethink it
You don't need Givenchy, you need Jesus
Why do y'all sleep on me? I need reasons
Uh, I got plaques in the mail, peak season
Shout out to my UPS workers makin' sure I receive 'em
You can do it too, believe it

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